OREANDA-NEWS. The PRC State Press and Press Office has launched a special complaint site as part of a nationwide campaign to prevent gambling addiction in minors.

At the end of August, the department published a notice, according to which from September 1, in order to "protect the physical and mental health of children", the access of underage users to online games will be limited to three hours a week, and providers are not allowed to provide services to users who try to register or log in. into the system under a real name.

The site is primarily created to enable members of the public to inform the competent authorities about the violation by the providers of the relevant services of the rules concerning underage users.

The main page of the site has three main "buttons" for complaints, in particular, informing that the provider allows underage users to log in not under their real name, allows them to stay in the system longer than the time frame established by the authorities, and also charges excessive fees.

Earlier, the State Council of the People's Republic of China announced that the country's authorities intend to introduce a nationwide electronic authentication system for underage gamers as part of a campaign to prevent gambling addiction in children.

In 2020, China's gaming industry revenues grew more than 20% to 278.7 billion yuan (about $ 43 billion).