OREANDA-NEWS. Political scientist Pavel Danilov, in a conversation with FAN, shared his opinion that Ukrainian fakes aimed at discrediting the actions of the Russian army harm the civilian population of Ukraine itself.

The special operation provoked the appearance of many fakes about the Russian army. At the same time, there is strict censorship in the West and Ukraine - all Russian media are banned there. It is extremely difficult for people to understand the veracity of certain messages. The lack of real information about the situation at the front is dangerous for Ukrainians who believe in the "successes" of their army.

“It definitely harms Ukraine. People are brazenly used by manipulating information and outright lies. Because of this, Ukrainians, who do not have a real picture of what is happening, make the wrong decisions, often life-threatening, ”says the source of the FAN.

Also, the Ukrainian media often publish false information for the sake of provocations. In support of his words, the political scientist gave a vivid example - the tragedy in Kramatorsk.

“Such a provocation took place on April 8, 2022 in Kramatorsk. Then the Nazis called the Ukrainians in one place with a lie and bombed it with Tochka-U. This led to numerous casualties,” the speaker concluded.

Earlier, political scientist Danilov gave an assessment of Western and Ukrainian fakes. In his opinion, the secret services of the NATO countries use the same methods that Joseph Goebbels once used.