OREANDA-NEWS The amount of obscene language in Runet decreased by 1% during the year of the amendments on self-regulation of social networks. Such data is provided by RBC.

In 2021, users wrote 93.3 million obscene posts. A year earlier, there were 94.4 million.

The number of mats in social networks at the request of the publication was calculated by the company "Medialogia". Facebook Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram and TikTok, as well as major forums and blogs were included in the study.

It turned out that in 2021, Russians most often cursed in posts and comments at the end of December. For example, on December 30, they left 380,000 angry messages. Most of them were connected with summing up the results of the year and coronavirus.

In 2020, the peak of abusive messages in social networks fell on August. On August 12, the Russians left 400,000 obscene entries. They were mainly devoted to the events in Belarus.

From February 1, 2021, social networks in Russia are required to delete messages with obscene language. They should identify such content on their own.

The initiator of the introduction of self-regulation of social networks was State Duma deputy Sergei Boyarsky. In a conversation with the publication, he noted that the law does not imply "serious consequences" for the checkmate on the Internet and does not require "any changes" yet. According to him, the work on removing obscene content should be "selective" and "proactive".

"We are well aware that this part of our folklore cannot be reduced and cannot be subjected to any special persecution, especially on such an open and free platform as the Internet," the parliamentarian concluded.