OREANDA-NEWS  Telegram, Facebook and Twitter face heavy fines for administrative violations of Russian law. TikTok and Google were also identified as offender companies. Representatives of social networks and instant messengers are accused of not removing calls for teenagers to go to unauthorized protests. This information is reported by the Interfax agency.

According to the agency, 12 protocols on administrative violations have already been submitted to the Magistrate's Court in Moscow. One of them was drawn up in relation to the Chinese company TikTok, two more - in relation to Pavel Durov's messenger Telegram, and three protocols for each remaining company.

If the court finds the service representatives guilty, they will have to pay fines ranging from 800 thousand to four million rubles. Sessions to consider the minutes are scheduled for April 2.

Earlier in March, the court of the Savelovsky district of Moscow had already issued a fine to Mail.ru for violating the Code of Administrative Offenses on non-deletion of information from the Odnoklassniki social network. The company is required to pay four million rubles.