OREANDA-NEWS  The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia has approved an increase in tariffs for sending postcards, letters and parcels of the Russian Post, the corresponding order was published on the portal of the official publication of legal acts.

The cost of sending postcards has increased the most. The tariff for sending a simple postcard increased by 10%, to 22 rubles, and a registered one - by 13.7%, to 58 rubles. The cost of forwarding letters with declared value increased by 7.9%, to 150 rubles.

The tariff for sending a simple letter weighing up to 20 grams increased by 6.9%, to 31 rubles, and a registered letter by 7.5%, to 72 rubles. Parcel forwarding services have increased in price the least: for simple shipments weighing up to 100 grams - by 4.1%, up to 50 rubles, for registered shipments - by 4.6%, up to 90 rubles.

In October 2023, the Federal Antimonopoly Service increased tariffs for internal written correspondence - postcards, letters and parcels - by an average of 6.6%.