OREANDA-NEWS. t is possible that in the future Twitter will have to be completely blocked in Russia. This opinion was expressed by a member of the Public Chamber, executive director of the National Center for Assistance to Missing and Affected Children, director of the League of Safe Internet Yekaterina Mizulina. She announced this at the round table "Forced slowdown - conclusions for everyone."

According to her, the Twitter blocking measure was not spontaneous - it is a consistent and logical response to the platform's refusal to restrict access to prohibited content.

Ekaterina Mizulina believes that the problem with Twitter and many foreign platforms is that, unfortunately, they have no representative offices in Russia. And even when they are sent certain notifications by the Russian authorities, they often end up in the wrong addressee, and many of these platforms do not respond to the legitimate demands of the Russian authorities.

She noted that the very fact of the spread of child pornography on Twitter raises many questions.

A member of the Public Chamber recalls that possession of child pornography is a criminal offense in the United States. In this regard, Mizulina asks the question: why are representatives of Twitter, whose servers are located in the United States, are still at large? The public figure noted that they are asking the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its law enforcement agencies to ask the American side relevant questions.

Since March 10, Roskomnadzor has slowed down the speed of Twitter in Russia for gross violation of legal requirements to remove prohibited content. According to the latest data, more than three thousand materials remain on the microblogging service.