OREANDA-NEWS. Recently the readers could read some false information regarding KhNPP-1 shutdown. The shutdown took place on July 16th 2016. Such kind of information appeared in different means of mass media as well as on the Internet. It doesn’t correspond to reality and is collected from unknown, unverified resources. Thus, it leads to misinformation of the readers. In their articles the authors use inaccurate headings and definitions, adding their amateur commentaries, which damages image of the nuclear energy of Ukraine. Unfortunately, a number of Ukrainian deputies joined the above mentioned authors in their attempt to misinform the public.

The information center of SS KhNPP points out that this information is false and doesn’t correspond to reality.

As it was stated earlier, KhNPP-1 was disconnected from the grid at 12:26 on July 16th, 2016 because of a coolant leak in a steam generator. According to preliminary estimates, the cause of disconnection was leakage of a SG heat-exchange tube. According to an international sale INES, the above mentioned event is classified at “0” level (the event is classified below scale, which means insignificant safety influence). No violations of limits or safe conditions of operation were detected. As reported, the radiation situation at the industrial site and surrounding area hasn’t changed and corresponds to natural gamma-background level.

By July 21st 2016 maintenance works have been conducted at KhNPP-1 for 5 days already. On July 16th, 2016 the outage of KhNPP-1 started. The duration of the stated outage is 60 days.

KhNPP-2 is operating now at 985 MWe. Yesterday KhNPP-2 generated 23, 68 million kWh (e). Since the beginning of the month it generated 469,01 million kWh (e).

The radiation situation at the industrial site and surrounding area hasn’t changed. It corresponds to the normal NPP operation level and doesn’t exceed natural radioactivity background level.

Notice: According to the INES scale, events are classified at seven levels (from 1 to 7), according to their importance. Events at levels 1-3 are classified as “incidents”. Events at levels 4-7 are classified as “accidents”. Events, which have no safety significance are termed “deviations” and are classified below scale, or level “0”.