OREANDA-NEWS. Four 15-240 energy storage machines successfully delivered ahead of final installation and commissioning phase

redT energy plc ("redT energy" or the "Company"), the energy storage technology company, is pleased to have transported four of its 15kW-240kWh energy storage machines to the Isle of Gigha. The units, which are the first contract manufactured, containerised, large scale vanadium flow machines of their kind, are four out of seven modules of an energy storage system that will eventually total 1.68MWh. The machines are now sited in preparation for their installation and commissioning onto the island's electrical grid. The Company will update the market once the final three modules have been delivered to Gigha.

The 1.68MWh system will be used to generate revenue by providing grid support services.  The system is configured and approved to remove generation and export constraints from the addition of an extra 330kW community-owned wind turbine on the island. In addition, the machines will also eventually provide voltage and frequency support services and back-up for the remote Scottish island in case of grid outages.

Scott McGregor, CEO of redT said,

"Today's announcement marks another significant milestone for redT and moves us closer to successfully concluding a game changing project for the energy storage industry. This is not only an important development for redT, as it demonstrates the value our technology can bring to large scale renewable energy ventures, but also for the island's inhabitants. This 1.68MWh system will help increase the output of the island's community wind farm, generate revenue and bring greater energy security to a community located in a remote part of the UK."

About redT energy

redT energy develops and supplies durable and robust energy storage machines based on proprietary vanadium redox flow technology for on and off-grid applications. The liquid storage medium affords an exceptionally long life of up to 25,000 full charge/discharge cycles and a 100 per cent usable depth of discharge. Combined with low maintenance requirements, this delivers industry leading lowest levelised cost of storage (LCOS) and total cost of ownership (TCO) results. The modular approach allows the power and energy components of systems to be independently sized to meet customer requirements.

Until now it has not been possible to directly compare variable renewable energy generation sources with diesel or fossil fuel generation. PV + Storage is now reaching 'grid parity' in many countries, a paradigm shift in energy production, which will ultimately enable a distributed energy network optimising conventional and renewable generation. The redT energy storage machine has applications in remote power, smart grids, power quality, and all aspects of renewable energy management.