OREANDA-NEWS. The situation with the coronavirus infection has not broken the plan of the enterprise of the state corporation Rosatom for the industrial production of the so-called mixed oxide uranium-plutonium MOX fuel, which is planned to be used in the nuclear power industry of the future, the press service of the MCC informed.

According to the report, in the first half of this year, despite COVID-19, "all production plans are achieved." "It is especially important that the fuel fabrication plant has fulfilled the half-year plan for production of MOX fuel assemblies," the report says.

Rosatom is mastering technologies necessary for solving the strategic task of creating in Russia a closed nuclear fuel cycle and two-component nuclear energy with thermal and fast reactors. A "cycle" of nuclear fuel will be created. As a result, due to expanded reproduction of nuclear "fuel", it is believed that the fuel base of nuclear energy will be significantly increased and it will be possible to reduce the amount of radioactive waste by "burning" hazardous radionuclides. According to experts, Russian Federation ranks first in the world in technologies for building fast reactors.