OREANDA-NEWS MEPs by a majority vote adopted a resolution calling on the European Union to impose an embargo on the supply of Russian gas, oil, coal and nuclear fuel. According to the website of the European Parliament, the decision was made by 413 votes. 93 parliamentarians voted against, 46 did not participate in the vote.

«The European Parliament demands the immediate imposition of an embargo on the supply of gas, oil, coal and nuclear fuel from Russia», the report says. The resolutions of the European Parliament are not binding on the executive authorities of the European Union.

The Russian government should look for new oil markets, President of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia Gennady Shmal told Radio 1. This is due to the fact that old contracts have become unreliable, he explained. Among the possible buyers, the specialist named China, Vietnam and India.

«Today, the situation is not easy, because many previously concluded contracts are under great question today. Therefore, today the task of our government is to support oil companies in terms of finding new markets. This may be, first of all, the south-eastern region. China, Vietnam and especially India, which has a great need for oil», Schmal said.