OREANDA-NEWS. Gazprom has been operating in the autumn-winter highs mode since December 22. Daily extraction from underground gas storage facilities has reached its maximum value over the past five years. This is due to abnormally low temperatures in places of gas supply in Russia. In addition, on December 23, a historical record of daily gas supplies to China was recorded, the holding said in a statement.

«In order to ensure reliable gas supplies to consumers, Gazprom, in particular, has brought the daily extraction of gas from Russian storage facilities to the maximum level over the past five years. Gas supplies to Russian consumers from Gazprom's gas transportation system reached 1,656 million cubic meters per day», the message says. It is noted that such a regime allows for reliable gas supplies to the holding's consumers.

The company also added that on December 23, a historical record of daily gas supplies from Russia to China was recorded. Gas supplies to European consumers are carried out according to the requests in full in accordance with the current contractual obligations, Gazprom said in a statement.

Earlier it became known that Gazprom has not booked the capacity of the Yamal — Europe gas pipeline again. The company has been refusing to book capacity for a week, it follows from the data of the gas transportation operator Gascade. In Gazprom itself, this is explained by the lack of applications from European customers and the exhaustion of annual volumes stipulated by contracts. As a result, deliveries are going in reverse direction from Germany to Poland.