OREANDA-NEWS. Iran has launched the process of uranium enrichment to the level of 20 %, which significantly exceeds the 4 % stipulated in the nuclear deal of 2015, Mehr news agency reported.

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said that production has started at Fordow nuclear facility.

On January 2, Iran notified the International Atomic Energy Agency of intention to bring the uranium enrichment level to 20 %. In December 2020, the Iranian parliament supported a bill on the possibility of increasing the level of uranium enrichment.

According to Tehran’s plan, the country can annually produce at least 120 kilograms of uranium with an enrichment of 20 %. In addition, Iran will prohibit any checks on its nuclear facilities under the agreement of 2015. However, if the countries participating in the deal on the nuclear program begin to comply with their obligations within three months after the approval of this law, the Iranian administration should submit to the national parliament a proposal for reciprocal measures to restore full compliance with its obligations.