OREANDA-NEWS. Nurlybek Zhenisbek, a Spokesman for the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, said that the idea of ​​delivering oil from Kazakhstan to Belarus via the Druzhba pipeline belongs to the Belarusian side. “Possible oil supplies from Kazakhstan to Belarus through the Druzhba system are an initiative of Belarus. The Kazakh side noted that negotiations between Belarus and the Russian Federation on such a transit are necessary,” the spokesman said.

On December 25, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced that Minsk intends to reverse oil into the country through Poland, if no agreements are reached with Russia in the energy sector, and he does not hide his intentions from Moscow. Lukashenko also reminded that there are three pipes of the Druzhba oil pipeline in Belarus. According to him, he can “take” two pipes and process oil, which will lead to a more than threefold reduction in Russian supplies to the “premium Western market”.