OREANDA-NEWS. From November 1, Russian gas began to flow to Moldova under a new contract. The Moldovan authorities are celebrating a victory - from their point of view, the country pays Russia for fuel twice the price of the market.

Chisinau and «Gazprom» have finally signed a new long-term contract for five years. Since November 1, Russian blue fuel has already begun to be supplied to Moldova. And it saves not only Moldovans, but also the authorities of this country, headed by President Maia Sandu, through whose fault the contract with the Russian gas monopoly, which ended at the end of September, was not renewed on time.

If it was a «cold» winter, then Maya Sandu's rating would have dropped. But there won't be such a winter. Moreover, the current contract was a very important victory for Ms. Sandu. She achieved even more than she wanted. In Moldova, they believe that the debt has been canceled, and the price specified in the contract is much better than the market price, and even the one they themselves counted on.

«Under the current conditions, we will have a price that is two times lower than the market price and lower than what we paid in October,» says Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Andrei Spinu. According to him, in November the price for gas for the country will be $450 per thousand cubic meters.