OREANDA-NEWS. Users of the Polish portal Interia commented on the article about the serious economic problems that await Europe next year due to the gas situation.

So, the author of the material predicted an unprecedented rise in prices for electricity and food. In his opinion, in this way Russia is "tightening the noose around Europe." Many user readers, however, felt that the EU countries themselves were to blame for their problems.

“I don’t understand anything. For many years, all of Europe has tried its best to restrict gas purchases in Russia (diversification and all that), and now, instead of rejoicing, she raised a cry that Russians are selling little gas. Rejoice and buy it from the USA or Qatar, after all, you fought for this with perseverance worthy of a better application ", - the user with the nickname Tadek was indignant.

"Russophobes should follow the example of Hungary, which came to the conclusion that you cannot heat houses with politics and ideology, so it signed an agreement with the Russians for 15 years," Polskie said.

"And all because of the madmen from the EU, who have set some absurd climate goals. Europe will bury its economy and doom its inhabitants to poverty. These are sick people!" - considers Tomasz.

"The European Union can threaten Putin with a finger, but in the end it will ask him on his knees to sell gas for any money," the readers summed up.

Gas prices in Europe have been growing since last year and are breaking records. A month ago, the estimated cost of fuel slightly exceeded $ 500 per thousand cubic meters, and at the end of September it reached $ 1,200. This is happening despite the fact that Russia is fulfilling all contractual obligations for supplies to the continent: their volume has approached the historical maximum.