OREANDA-NEWS. The acceleration of the climate agenda in the developed countries of the world is fraught with their rejection of Russian oil and gas. Ruslan Edelgeriev, Advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Climate, told Kommersant about this.

According to him, the country is "impermissibly slow and clumsy", against the background of a rapidly changing world, too much time is spent on disputes. Edelgeriyev stressed that experts predicted such a development of events and warned that more attention should be paid to the climate agenda.

Putin's adviser recalled that some expected the collapse of the Paris Agreement, the US abandoning it and ignoring it by China. In reality, last year events developed exactly the opposite.

This situation, he suggested, would soon lead to the formation of a kind of climate club, where countries with carbon-intensive economies simply would not get to. In addition, such a club may begin to put pressure on Russia, including limiting investments in Arctic projects, and abandoning Russian energy resources and some products.

Due to the unavailability of the system for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and pricing for these emissions, Russia may turn out to be a kind of hydrocarbon offshore, that is, a country that will take over emissions and harmful production. This is fraught with sectoral sanctions and a technological lag in the Russian economy. Especially considering that China is likely to want to become a member of such a climate club.

Separately, Edelgeriev complained about the position of Russian companies, which describe decarbonization plans on paper and in reports, closely cooperate with European regulators, but oppose the initiatives of the Russian government in any way.