OREANDA-NEWS In Russia, they wanted to withdraw American instant noodles of the Nissin Foods brand from the market. This is reported by Izvestia.

As it became known to the publication, the corresponding appeal to Rospotrebnadzor was sent by the "Public Consumer Initiative" (OPI). As explained by the head of the OPI Oleg Pavlov, the reason was the discovery in noodles of one of the types of genetically modified soy, which is banned in Russia. He stressed that this type of soybean is not registered in the country, and its harm to health has not been studied.

At the same time, the OPI pointed to the fact that, despite the ban on the import of these noodles, these products can be bought in online stores.

Earlier, Russia suspended the import of a number of products from China due to violations found. Prohibited components were found in the goods. In particular, in freeze-dried corn noodles, corn noodles, corn chips, eggs with chocolate cream dessert and cookies with a surprise toy inside, DNA of genetically modified corn was found, as well as DNA of genetically modified soy in an amount of more than 0.9 percent.