OREANDA-NEWS. Pumpkin seeds rich in proteins and fats are excellent for the daily diet of diabetics, as they reduce blood sugar levels, British scientists have said. Due to the presence of polysaccharides in seeds, eating 60 grams of pumpkin seeds a day can reduce blood sugar levels by 35%, writes Live 24.

«Polysaccharides that are in it are contained, have demonstrated a sugar-regulating effect. Seeds rich in proteins and fats are quite suitable for the daily diet of diabetics — it helps to fight high blood sugar levels. Especially after eating. So, scientists have found that eating 60 grams of pumpkin seeds reduces sugar levels by up to 35%», the media reports.

Earlier, the endocrinologist of the endocrinological dispensary of the Moscow Department of Health Olga Koreshkova said that the key factor in the development of diabetes is the patient's body weight. At the same time, simply eating sweet food is not the main cause of the disease.

According to Koreshkova, sweet foods can affect the development of diabetes, but only those that are combined with fat, which increases insulin resistance. She stressed that diabetes mellitus can occur in the presence of a genetic predisposition, when a person's body weight increases sharply and physical activity decreases.