OREANDA-NEWS.  In October 2021, Apple opened its third official shop in Turkey - Apple Bağdat Caddesi. The building was created by Norman Foste r+ Partners architecture studio Foster and meets the international environmental agenda - it is designed to make the most of the daylight inside by means of panoramic glazing. The new Apple flagship shop in Istanbul also has a slimline roof with an integrated rainwater harvesting system, which is combined with a waste water recycling system for irrigation.

The original interior of the shop, with its many steel and glass details, is striking and completely captures the imagination of everyone who enters it. It is impossible to imagine that huge areas are confined to the earth's crust.

The wide colour range of the building is represented by light tones with predominance of golden hue. The effect of the lighting is enhanced by the properties of the mirrored interior and visually increases the size of the surrounding space.

"Apple Bagdat Caddesi is a tranquil green oasis, an island of calm where you can enjoy the vibrant energy of the city. Warm natural materials create a soothing and elegant space for visitors," notes Stefan Behling, head of studio at Foster + Partners.

The new Apple Store in Istanbul is not the IT giant's first joint project with Foster + Partners. The studio has previously designed a floating Apple Marina Bay Sands shop in Singapore, a whirlpool-shaped Apple Central World in Thailand, and an Apple Sanlitun in China with an integrated solar panel.