OREANDA-NEWS  Against the background of low demand for traditional alcoholic beverages, Russian alcohol giants began to look for new niches, Kommersant reported.

Some of the players decided to diversify the range of spirits. So, the Ladoga company (produces Tsarskaya vodka, Barrister gin, Fowler's whiskey and other brands) announced a line of cocktails with a strength of 30-35 degrees, bottled in 0.5 liters. Among them are Black Russian based on vodka, Negroni with gin and liqueur, as well as Old Fashioned and Manhattan based on whiskey.

According to the president of the company Veniamin Grabar, Ladoga is set to occupy a niche of cocktails for deferred consumption, which is now developing abroad. In the future, this format in the Russian market may grow to one million dal, he added.

Alcoholic Siberian group (ASG, known for such brands of alcohol as "White Birch", "Five Lakes", "Husky" and "Sibbitter") announced the production of vodka cocktails under the brand "Husky". Their strength will be 12 degrees, and the price will be up to 100 rubles for 0.33 liters. The market volume of such cocktails in Russia has already amounted to three million dal. The manufacturer sees the target audience as young people who prefer strong drinks in this form.