OREANDA-NEWS  Dual-use goods sent from the European Union to other buyers have disappeared in Russia. This is reported by the Financial Times.

In particular, air parts, gas turbines, optical equipment and other goods were supposed to arrive in Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, but they did not reach their destination. In total, we are talking about products worth a billion dollars.

The publication suggests that we are talking about ghost trading, when a real buyer remains in the shadows for one reason or another. "Why would these countries suddenly need these goods? Who needs these goods the most in the region? Obviously, Russia," explained Erki Kodar, Vice—Chancellor of the Estonian Foreign Ministry for Legal and Consular Affairs.

Earlier, Bloomberg wrote that the European Union is discussing a mechanism of restrictions against third countries that "are not doing enough to prevent Russia from circumventing sanctions." We are talking about punishing those who can help Moscow circumvent anti-Russian measures. First of all, suspicion will fall on those who cannot explain the jumps in trade in key goods or technologies. The import of various goods to Russia, especially in the field of technology, from Kazakhstan, the UAE, Turkey and China has increased sharply recently, the journalists pointed out.