OREANDA-NEWS James Marape, the recently re-elected prime minister of Papua New Guinea, has established the ministries of coffee and palm oil in the country as part of an effort to increase agricultural production.

Marape made a statement about the creation of the new ministries on Tuesday, during the announcement of his cabinet, which was broadcast by his political party Pangu Pati.In particular, the prime minister decided to appoint Joe Kuli, a member of parliament for the district of Anglimp-South Waghi, as the minister of coffee, and Francis Maneke, a member of parliament for the village of Talasea, as the minister of palm oil.

According to the prime minister, the creation of new ministries indicates government's willingness and readiness to do everything possible to meet full expectations of Papua New Guinea's population in the agriculture industry.In early August, Marape was re-elected to the post of Papua New Guinea's prime minister. His candidacy was unanimously supported by all members of parliament present at its first meeting after the national election. The meeting was attended by 105 parliamentarians out of 118.