OREANDA-NEWS Valery Vasilyev, the deputy head of the Council of the Federation's Economic Committee, has suggested that Russian IKEA suppliers should be united under one brand, he wrote in his Telegram-channel. In his opinion, the products could then be sold in Russia on the trading floors previously occupied by the Swedish store.

Vasilyev said that textile workers from Ivanovo supplied a lot of products for sale in IKEA stores. According to his data about 60-70% of the goods in the Russian IKEA were produced in Russia.

On June 15 it became known that IKEA decided to reduce the scale of its business in Russia. Because of worsening of supply chains all over the world the company does not see possibility to resume full sales in Russia in the foreseeable future.

The Swedish retailer of home furniture organizes a sale of goods remaining in warehouses in Russia among employees of the company and other consumers.