OREANDA-NEWS. The nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg explained why it is a bad idea to snack on champagne with fruit. He clarified that champagne quickly intoxicates due to the large number of bubbles, even though this alcohol is considered a low-alcohol drink, Moscow 24 reports.

«In this case alcohol is even more easily absorbed, we feel very quickly intoxicated», Ginzburg explained. Instead, the nutritionist recommended snacking on champagne nuts, cheese and dried fruits: these products can slow down the absorption of alcohol. Moreover, Ginzburg advised to drink this type of alcoholic beverage slowly, so that the bubbles disappear from it. Bread and vegetables can be another suitable snack, but the expert warned about the danger of snacking on champagne salads.

«It's not that you can't eat champagne salads, it's just that it can add risk — you won't die, most likely, but if there is a tendency to develop pancreatitis or gastritis, then all this can happen in the New Year», he concluded.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade opposes the extension of the time of sales of wine and champagne on New Year's Eve, this was stated by the head of the department Denis Manturov. This proposal was made by the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov.