OREANDA-NEWS  The only vessel with Russian fertilizers donated to Malawi through the mediation of the United Nations has not reached this country in almost five months, said Russian Ambassador to Ankara Alexey Yerkhov.

The Ambassador recalled the initiative of the Russian Federation on the gratuitous transfer of 262 thousand tons of fertilizers blocked in Latvia, Estonia, Belgium and the Netherlands to the poorest countries, an official appeal to this effect was transmitted to the UN Secretary General on September 7.

"The first and only batch of 20 thousand tons of products was shipped from the Netherlands to Malawi on November 28, 2022. The Russian side additionally assumed all the costs of cargo delivery and transportation, and also paid for the "intermediary services" of the UN WFP in the amount of 200 thousand US dollars. Although we are talking about a humanitarian operation and providing assistance to those in need on the eve of the new planting season," the ambassador's comments received by RIA Novosti say.