OREANDA-NEWS Former Commander-in-Chief of the Black Sea Fleet Vladimir Komoyedov, in an interview with Pravda.Ru, denied that Ukraine has the ability to inflict significant damage on the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

“You need to realize that underestimating anti-ship missiles is bad - they are used at very low altitudes and are already detected in the immediate vicinity of the ship. To protect against Harpoon cruise missiles, it is needed to put up an anti-missile “barrier”, such as electronic warfare systems, and not lift it until the end of hostilities,” the admiral warned.

He also said that the Harpoon is considered obsolete weapons, about which much is already known.

“Thus, taking Harpoon on board means agreeing that I studied poorly at a higher educational institution and did not work out coursework tasks with due zeal. Ukrainians, of course, can modernize the USN, but, as a rule, it is radar everywhere. So the ideas of the Ukrainian warriors are very unconvincing, but they are relatively tolerable for raising the morale of the army, ”summed up Komoyedov.

Earlier it was reported that military expert Boris Rozhin explained what Russia will face when Poland enters Western Ukraine.