OREANDA-NEWS. Almaty airport has suspended work, a spokesman for the press service of the air harbor of the Kazakh city told reporters.

“The airport has suspended work. Today the airport does not work, "- quotes the representative of" RIA Novosti ".

On January 6, it became known that all the nearest flights from the capital's airport "Nursultan Nazarbayev" to Almaty have been canceled. So, near the building of the Nur-Sultan airport there are several armored personnel carriers, military personnel in full gear are on duty around. The guards do not let those seeing off into the departure hall, a queue has accumulated there.

The riots in Kazakhstan began on January 2. The rebels are angry with the increse of the cost of liquefied gas. Fuel has incresed in price from 60 tenge (10 rubles) to 120 (20 rubles per liter). The president formed a special government commission and agreed to low prices. The government of Kazakhstan was dismissed.

Aeroflot's evening flights from Moscow to the cities of Kazakhstan are not currently on the schedule, morning flights from this country to the Russian capital did not take place, follows from the data on the online scoreboard of the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport.
On Wednesday, the airline canceled flights to Almaty and Nur-Sultan amid protests in Kazakhstan.

Three evening flights are scheduled for Thursday: from Moscow to Alma-Ata, Nur-Sultan and Aktau (departures at 20:50, 23:20 and 23:35, respectively). Aeroflot's morning flights from Almaty and Nur-Sultan to Moscow have been canceled. It became known that the evening flights of Aeroflot to Almaty have also been canceled.

German airline Lufthansa announced that it no longer offers regular flights to Almaty, Western media reported, citing a spokesman.
Earlier, a spokesman for the press service of the air harbor of the Kazakh city told RIA Novosti that the Almaty airport suspended work on Thursday.

"Due to further development of the situation Lufthansa decided not to offer more regular flights to Almaty until further notice," a company spokesman told Reuters.