OREANDA-NEWS. Readers of the British publication The Times commented on the statement of the British Chief of Defence Staff, Ton Radakin, about the intensification of Russian submarine operations, noting the artificial maintenance of public panic. They expressed their views in comments on the publication.

According to the Admiral, the activity of Russian submarines in the last 20 years has increased "phenomenally".

According to users, the admiral's words resemble anachronistic Cold War paranoia.

"The anti-Russian mania suffered by NATO and the armed forces of Britain and the United States has pushed Russia into the arms of China. The real threat is China and NATO should cooperate with Russia,"- believes Jiaxiang.

"That month the enemy is Russia. Next month it will be China. It will be followed by Middle Eastern terrorists and then North Korea. If you can keep the population in a state of mild panic, anything will do,"- MickeB believes.

One user noted that the accusations against Moscow are becoming more diverse as gas prices rise in Europe.

"Given that no one is afraid of the impostor occupying the Oval Office, it is not surprising that Russia is strengthening its position,"- Daves opined.

Goldman noted that the UK navy is not ready to wage war with Russia. He noted that London operates submarines from the 1980s because nuclear-powered submarines are too expensive.

Kevin Laughlin is convinced that the UK Ministry of Defence is simply "winding up" readers to justify the war.

In the same interview, Admiral Radakin noted that London is going to develop hypersonic missiles because Russia has this type of weapon. He said he was also "deeply concerned" about the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

On 6 January, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, speaking in the House of Commons of the British parliament, said that the UK and its allies would prepare sanctions to be imposed on the Russian financial sector if Russia "invades" Ukraine.