OREANDA-NEWSThe next round of Russian-Czech consultations on passenger air traffic will be held at the expert level until September 10. This was reported to the Russian media on Monday by the press secretary of the Czech Ministry of Transport, Lenka Rezkova. “Both sides agreed on this until September 10,” she emphasized. “Preparations are underway for these negotiations. In the coming days, our proposals regarding the possible timing of the consultations will be sent to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation”.

In Prague, according to Rezkova, they are optimistic about the possibility of reaching a permanent agreement on passenger air transportation with Russia. The Czech Ministry of Transport told the Russian media on July 12 that it could be concluded before the end of September this year. Until the end of summer, a temporary agreement is in effect between the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic on maintaining the number of flights of national air carriers in the airspace of both countries. Prague is interested in the speedy settlement of the situation that arose in passenger air transportation from the Russian Federation.

On July 2, at the request of the Czech side, Russian airlines were forced to reduce or completely stop the flight program to the Czech Republic. Thus, Aeroflot reduced the number of flights from Moscow to Prague from six to two per day. Starting from July 4, the Victory low-cost carrier was ready to suspend flights from Moscow to Karlovy Vary, and Ural Airlines from Ekaterinburg to Prague.

According to a Russian media source, the Czech side’s decision to limit Russian flights was due to the fact that the two countries were unable to agree and agree on a Czech Airlines flight from Prague to Seoul through Russian airspace.