OREANDA-NEWS. Rostec will create for the Ansat helicopter a salon like that of the Aurus presidential car.  This was announced by the head of the state corporation, Sergey Chemezov, in the program “Characters with Nailya Asker-zade” on the Russia-1 channel.

 Currently, the Aurus model line produces the Senat S600 sedan, the Senat L700 limousine, the Arsenal minivan and the gala cabriolet, and later the line will be added to the Komendant SUV.  All of them are equipped with a hybrid power plant, which includes an eight-cylinder 4.4-liter engine producing 600 hp.  and electric starter-generator.

 The Ansat itself is a light twin-engine helicopter that can take up to eight passengers.  Cruising speed is 250 kilometers per hour, range - about 500 kilometers.