OREANDA-NEWS  At the entrance to the Upper Lars border checkpoint from Georgia, a multi-kilometer traffic jam formed from cars towards Russia. This is reported with reference to eyewitnesses by the telegram channels SHOT, Mash and Brief, as well as users of the telegram chat "UPPER LARS".

According to eyewitnesses, the length of the jam reaches several kilometers. Izvestia writes that there are hundreds of cars with both Russian and Georgian license plates in the queue. Mash notes that the queue has already started selling seats.

Also, the traffic difficulties are evidenced by the data of the Yandex.Maps service: the traffic jam as of 2:45 a.m. was about 7 km.

According to the telegram channels, the atypical congestion for Thursday evening was the result of protests in Georgia, which have been going on for several days because of the bill on foreign agents. At the same time, one of the local residents told RTVI that traffic jams at the checkpoint occur regularly due to the instability of the checkpoint. Thus, the Upper Lars checkpoint has been closed since March 5 due to bad weather conditions and a high threat of avalanches.