OREANDA-NEWS. Residents of the Italian city of Pisa and employees of the local airport are protesting against the supply of weapons to Ukraine under the guise of humanitarian aid. This is reported by the publication la Repubblica.

According to one of the representatives of the Italian trade union of workers, the supply of weapons to the conflict zone could provoke more intense fighting. The local trade union also believes that the protest is directed both against the shipment of weapons to the Ukrainian military, and against the participation of civil servants and airport workers in these operations.

Some activists expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that civilian aircraft are used to transport military cargo. At the same time, mass demonstrations also took place in one of the squares of Rome against the sending of weapons to Ukraine and Italy's participation in NATO missions.

The German publication Das Erste previously reported that the Italian tourism industry is experiencing difficulties due to the outflow of Russian tourists. In 2019, 1.7 million guests from Russia visited Italy. They left almost €1 billion on vacation. However, due to the events in Ukraine, it will not be possible to achieve such indicators, which is why many companies in the tourism sector fall into despair.