OREANDA-NEWS. The majority of Russians (71%) have not flown anywhere in the last two or three years, 9% have made one flight during this time, according to a poll by VTsIOM.

According to the study, 71% of respondents have not had to fly by any airline in the last two to three years, 11% have flown two or three times during this time, 9% - once, 4% - four to five times. More than six times over the past two or three years, 5% of citizens have climbed into the sky.

Most of those who have flown by plane in the past two or three years, to one degree or another, liked the airports they used on their last flight (89%). Most often, among those who liked the airports, they rate the service (28%), cleanliness and order (20%), convenience and comfort (15%) and speed of service (15%) positively.

8% of respondents did not like the airports, and 3% found it difficult to answer. More often, the extreme degree of antipathy is expressed by citizens of the older generation: 7% of those who are 60 and over did not like airports at all (4% of all respondents). A third of passengers who did not like the airport of their last flight (34%) noted a rude attitude towards passengers. 45% were not satisfied with the airport building: 23% of them reported poor repair, and 22% noted its small size and lack of seats.

The survey was conducted on November 30. It was attended by 1,600 Russians aged 18 and over. The survey method is a telephone interview based on a stratified two-base random sample of landline and mobile numbers. The sample is taken from the complete list of telephone numbers used in the territory of the Russian Federation. The data are weighted by the likelihood of selection and by socio-demographic parameters. For this sample, the maximum error size with a 95% probability does not exceed 2.5%.