OREANDA-NEWS   Russians complained about a multi-kilometer traffic jam on the Crimean Bridge in front of the inspection point. Eyewitnesses told that only military equipment and passenger buses can pass without problems, the rest are forced to travel at a very low speed.

"We are standing for the fourth hour, the inspection point is not even visible yet. Normally only buses, military go. Sometimes the guards try to slip in, but they try not to let them in," Mikhail said.

Another interlocutor, Ekaterina, has already managed to get to the peninsula. She stood in traffic for seven hours.

"There were practically no Obochechnikov, but poor people stand all day without food and water. One woman is sitting on the inspection, barely doing anything. It's just awful. Is it really impossible to add people for inspection? They check everything: you pass through the frame, then you stand with your hands raised. The woman is sitting very tired during the inspection. I am very sorry for people who are traveling with children," the traveler shared.

Roman got into traffic on December 28 at seven in the evening. By midnight, he only managed to get close to the inspection point.

"On the right side of the traffic police, military vehicles are allowed to pass, buses are good, but expensive cars with different regions are somehow strange, which, of course, infuriates everyone standing in line! It's windy outside and 5 degrees Celsius, the nearest toilet is two kilometers away. The cars are all wound up, as the wind blows out all the heat in two minutes. You need to go to the bridge with a full tank of fuel, empty intestines and a bladder. It is advisable to take another meal for eight hours," the man recommended in social networks.

Earlier, the Telegram channel Mash reported about the queue formed on the Crimean Bridge due to the security check of each car.