OREANDA-NEWS.  Ukraine has sent its Sich-2-30 satellite to the USA, which is planned to be launched into space in January 2022. This was reported by the Dniprovska customs press service on Facebook.

"Customs formalities have been completed and the Ukrainian satellite Sich-2-30 has been sent to the USA, without deviations from the schedule,"- the statement said.

Earlier it became known that the Ukrainian state-owned Yuzhnoye Design Bureau named after M.K. Yangel signed a contract with the Dutch company ISILaunch to launch the Sich 2-30 (2-1) Earth remote sensing satellite into orbit from the US SpaceX corporation. 

The launch will be performed using a Falcon-9 carrier rocket.

According to the deputy prime minister for strategic industries of Ukraine, Oleh Uruskyi, the satellite will solve many pressing issues in the socio-economic, informational, ecological, scientific and educational fields, as well as will ensure the implementation of state interests in national security and defence.

It was reported that the launch of the Sich-2-30 satellite was postponed until early 2022. It is noted that the development by Yuzhnoye design bureau specialists was to be delivered via a Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket. But SpaceX has published information about postponing the launch to January 10.

Satellite weighs 180 kilograms and is made on the basis of the Egyptian EgyptSat-1, created by Ukrainian specialists commissioned by Egypt. Its task is to create images of the Earth in the infrared and visible ranges.