Air transport

18.03.2020, 15:22

Mi-8 managed to land safely. Four crew members were on board. No one was injured.

18.03.2020, 09:21
The Russian Union of Travel Industry noted that Argentina, Peru, the Philippines, India, and Azerbaijan added to the list of destinations
17.03.2020, 16:37

The aircrafts did not change their routes and continued moving to destination points.

16.03.2020, 08:47
However, in case of a change in fares or class of service, passengers will need to pay the difference
12.03.2020, 13:36
Canada and other countries whose citizens died in this disaster will only assess Iran’s cooperation with them by its actions
12.03.2020, 09:19
Air carrier shares traded at 71.5 rubles per share
11.03.2020, 22:10

This was announced by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Andriy Shevchenko.

10.03.2020, 08:03
Aircraft will perform operations, according to a press release from the European command of the US Armed Forces
07.03.2020, 08:19
European airline executives said Tuesday that an outbreak of coronavirus is causing financial losses
05.03.2020, 14:31
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that most likely the purchase will be on a leasing scheme
05.03.2020, 11:10
Due to the operation of the navigation malfunction sensor, the airliner returned to Sheremetyevo Airport and made an emergency landing
04.03.2020, 17:21

Official Cairo still considers the crash to be an accident.

04.03.2020, 12:31
In total, the company has a contract for the supply of 22 such aircraft
03.03.2020, 12:26
According to the source, a collision warning system with a collision with the ground
03.03.2020, 10:32
According to the results for 2018, net profit amounted to 5.7 billion rubles


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