Air transport

22.04.2022, 14:58

According to preliminary data, the plane touched an electrical support, the press service of the regional administration reported.

22.04.2022, 11:30
The incident occurred on April 20 during a flight from San Francisco to Florida.
20.04.2022, 11:55
The Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University, together with the SpetsAgregat plant, has begun developing a set of domestic vehicles designed to service Russian airports.
18.04.2022, 17:19
Russians whose flights to the south of Russia were canceled due to temporary flight restrictions can return the full cost of their air tickets.
14.04.2022, 14:02
On behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian government will allocate 19.5 billion rubles to Russian airlines.
08.04.2022, 17:34

«The crew ejected», the press service clarified.

01.04.2022, 13:41

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree «On the temporary procedure for fulfilling financial obligations in the field of transport to some foreign creditors».

31.03.2022, 13:37

According to the data presented, 76 boards do not take to the air for about a month, another 170 from a week to 20 days.

30.03.2022, 12:12
Airfare prices could double in 2022.
22.03.2022, 11:28
Residents of the Italian city of Pisa and employees of the local airport are protesting against the supply of weapons to Ukraine under the guise of humanitarian aid.
18.03.2022, 11:27
The incident occurred during the de-icing treatment of the aircraft.
15.03.2022, 18:35
Starting March 17, Red Wings Airlines will start flying to Antalya from Domodedovo Airport (Moscow), according to the official website of the air carrier.
14.03.2022, 15:43
Airlines from Russia continued to operate despite the suspension of airworthiness certificates.
10.03.2022, 12:45
Ural Airlines will be able to operate flights for about two to three months without stopping planes and disassembling aircraft for spare parts.
09.03.2022, 11:52
The European Union and US sanctions imposed on Russia and affecting the aviation industry are an attempt to influence Moscow's foreign policy.


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