Air transport

02.03.2020, 14:46
Passengers are warned about the possibility of delayed flights
02.03.2020, 11:56
Amid restrictions imposed due to the spread of coronavirus, airlines suffer losses
02.03.2020, 08:59
Damascus was forced to announce the closure of airspace over Idlib
27.02.2020, 16:47

An exception to a temporary ban is made for two airlines: Aeroflot and Mahan Air.

27.02.2020, 12:31
In mid-January, the Libyan National Army declared a no-fly zone around the capital along with the airport
26.02.2020, 16:44
Starting March 1, only two Russian airlines will be able to fly to South Korea: Aeroflot and Aurora
21.02.2020, 15:23

The spread of COVID-19 will lead to a reduction in global passenger demand in 2020 by 0.6 %, despite previously projected growth of 4.1 %.

19.02.2020, 10:19
Aircraft 737 MAX temporarily not available since January 2020 due to problems with the on-board system, which led to the crash of two aircraft
13.02.2020, 14:29
The Minister of Justice and Security of the Netherlands said that such a proposal came in October
13.02.2020, 10:33
Earlier, Green Africa Airways planned to purchase Boeing 737 MAX airliners, but decided to transfer the order to Europeans
11.02.2020, 21:51

The company’s loss in 2019 amounted to 200 million euros.

10.02.2020, 21:38

It came up with such an initiative after a meeting of the Inter-Agency Commission on Security in the Economic and Social Sphere of the Security Council.

07.02.2020, 18:45

Two other people, who were on board, survived.

05.02.2020, 19:00

177 passengers and 6 crew members were on board, none of them died.

04.02.2020, 08:40
At the same time, the organizers of the air show said that the event will be held on scheduled days


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