OREANDA-NEWS. Airfare prices could double in 2022. Andrey Kalmykov, the former general director of the Pobeda airline, told Kommersant about this.

“The cost price, according to my calculations, should double in ruble terms. Therefore, 50% now is still a very optimistic forecast,” Kalmykov said.

He added that such a forecast for prices is not yet final, and the situation may change towards an even higher increase, since it no longer makes sense for airlines to fly below cost.

According to him, raising prices to the cost level will already lead to an increase in ticket prices by at least 30% compared to 2021. The cost of logistics will also increase due to the purchase of spare parts under bypass schemes.

Kalmykov suggested that the current crisis might be able to survive the ten largest air carriers in the country. As for small airlines, "their fate will depend on the decisions of the regions, on the governors, on the filling of budgets."

Kalmykov has headed Pobeda since its founding in 2014. On March 4, he resigned, and Andrei Yurikov, his deputy for aviation engineering, head of the aviation engineering service, became the acting general director.

On March 11, the head of Space Travel Artur Muradyan said that due to sanctions against Russia, the cost of tours to Egypt could exceed 200 thousand rubles. According to him, taking into account the falling markets of Russia and Ukraine, Egyptian hoteliers will be forced to reduce prices for tours for residents from the CIS in order to preserve tourist flows.