OREANDA-NEWS The latest amendments to the Gas Directive of the European Union will deprive the opponents of the Russian project "Northern stream — 2" the opportunity to cancel thr construction, writes the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

The publication cites the opinion of the analyst of the Warsaw center for Eastern studies Shimon Cardas, who said that the text of the EU Gas Directive after the new amendments has become so weak that the situation will only get worse. He notes that if earlier opponents of the gas pipeline could say that the construction is carried out outside the legal field of the EU, now “Nord stream-2” will receive a European "pass".

"In fact, there will be a legal armor protecting “Nord stream-2”," the newspaper quotes the analyst.

Cardas adds that this is due to the fact that, according to the new amendments, the legislation of the European Union will now apply to the gas pipeline only in the territorial waters of Germany. Thus, according to the analyst, Berlin can now independently decide how the EU legislation will work in the case of the "Nord stream — 2".

The publication also refers to the experts who negotiated new amendments to the EU Gas Directive. They note that after the adoption of the amendments, “Nord stream -2” will actually receive immunity from European legislation.

"Theoretically, European law will work, but there is no punishment for its violation. From a political point of view, this is the worst option”, - quotes the publication of one of the experts.

The newspaper also adds that the new version of the Directive allows to exclude some projects from the European norms, giving the right to make a decision on this issue of the national regulator, in this case-Germany.

"Thus, the law, which was intended to block “Nord stream-2”, can actually legalize it, "the newspaper writes.

At the same time, the publication emphasizes that the new Directive will lay the Foundation for the operation of gas pipelines of third countries in the coming decades. Thus, this will open the way for the construction of not only the Nord stream — 2, but also the Nord stream — 3, Turkish stream and other southern gas pipelines, Rzeczpospolita States.