OREANDA-NEWS. A powerful fire occurred in the business district of Osaka — the third most populous city in Japan. This was announced on Friday, December 17, by the Broadcasting Corporation of Japan NHK.

According to it, the fire broke out on the fourth floor of one of the buildings at about 10:30 (local time). 28 people were injured, 27 of them had cardiac and respiratory arrest, and therefore a large number of victims are expected. The number of injured is being specified. The victims were taken to hospitals without signs of life.

According to the AFP news agency, there was a clinic on this floor in the building that provided both general medical and psychiatric services. According to firefighters, the fire was brought under control within half an hour. According to the report, at least 70 calculations were involved. Television footage from the scene shows blackened, charred structures in rooms on the fourth floor of an eight-story building. What caused the emergency is being clarified.

At the end of November in Osaka, the fire covered an area of about 10 thousand square meters, about 60 fire brigades and a helicopter were involved in extinguishing. There were about 100 people in the six-storey warehouse building, all of them were evacuated.