OREANDA-NEWS Canberra has announced new sanctions against Moscow, banning the supply of some goods to Russia due to the situation in Ukraine, according to a letter from the Australian Interior Ministry, received by TASS. We are talking, among other things, about spare parts for tools and electric machines. The department explained that in accordance with the new order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia Penny Won, it is prohibited to export to the Russian Federation "parts and spare parts for any tools with or without a mechanical drive, as well as for machines designed for pressing, punching, punching holes, threading, drilling, boring, broaching, milling, turning or screwing screws". "The export of stamps and molds for metal products, as well as tools for drilling rocks and soil is prohibited," the ministry said.

In addition, "nuclear reactors and their parts, boilers, machines and mechanical equipment" were banned. "It is also prohibited to supply electric machines and spare parts for them, any sound recording devices, loudspeakers and speakers, devices for recording television images and sound, as well as parts and components of such products," the Interior Ministry said.

Earlier, the Australian authorities had already imposed strict restrictions on arms exports against the Russian Federation, as well as banned access to the capital markets of Australia for most Russian banks, and a ban was also imposed on the export of goods and services intended for use in the exploration and production of oil, gas and minerals in the Russian Federation.