OREANDA-NEWS The German pharmaceutical manufacturer Bayer refused compensation in more than 400 million rubles. from "Nativa" (renamed to "Spectrum") for the use of patents for the anti-cancer drug sorafenib. Under the terms of the settlement agreement concluded by the parties, Nativa undertakes not to introduce a generic drug around which a dispute has flared up, and not to register its new analogues until 2026. But experts call these agreements the actual loss of Bayer: the Russian company transferred the rights to sorafenib to another company two years ago, and that company did not conclude any agreements with the German pharmaceutical manufacturer.

On October 25, Bayer concluded a settlement agreement with Nativa (renamed Spectrum in 2022; now it is at the bankruptcy stage) on the cancer drug sorafenib, Kommersant found in the arbitration file. Now Nativa will not have to pay more than 400 million rubles, which the German pharmaceutical manufacturer demanded from it for the use of its patents for the drug.