OREANDA-NEWS The Finnish Data Protection Commissioner has lifted a temporary ban from Yango, the international brand of Yandex taxi service, on the transfer of users' personal data to Russia, the press service of the Finnish regulator said.

Initially, the ban was supposed to be in effect from September 1 to November 30, then the entry into force of the decision shifted to September 26. Its introduction was explained by the entry into force of the taxi law in the Russian Federation on September 1, among the provisions of which was the obligation of taxi services to provide data to systems and databases on trips at the request of the FSB.

"Yango fully complies with the GDPR and the laws of the countries in which it operates. The company maintains transparent interaction with data protection authorities," the Yandex Taxi press service commented on the lifting of the ban to Interfax.

Yango operates in many countries, including Africa, Latin America, and Europe. The company includes not only taxi ordering service, but also logistics services, rental of scooters and ordering products.