OREANDA-NEWS Maintaining global inflation at a high level is currently the main risk for the global economy. This was stated by the president and Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs Group (GSG) John Waldron. His words are quoted by Bloomberg.

According to the expert, another important factor that can slow down the growth rate of global GDP risks becoming a further increase in geopolitical tensions. Coupled with high inflation, this can lead to serious consequences for the global economy. "Inflation and geopolitics, which are now overlapping in a much deeper way, are by far the biggest problems," Waldron concluded during a speech at the New Economy Forum in Singapore. In turn, Jennifer Johnson, CEO of the American investment company Franklin Templeton, said that the fight against high inflation in the medium term may become more difficult for the world's leading central banks. According to her, the path to the target of consumer price growth of two percent may take a long time. "The path to two percent will be much more difficult," she complained.

Earlier, Singapore's Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan warned about the risks of hyperinflation for the global economy. According to him, the growth rate of consumer prices at the global level will increase sharply if a number of Middle Eastern states are involved in the war between Israel and the Palestinian radical group Hamas. The head of the department clarified that the world economy is currently experiencing a "moment of danger" due to the growth of geopolitical tensions.