OREANDA-NEWS  The transport committee of the business association "Delovaya Rossiya" appealed to the Russian government with a request to cancel a regional patent for foreign drivers of heavy trucks. After the restrictions are lifted, drivers will be able to transport goods between regions.

According to the newspaper Vedomosti, transport workers are concerned about the shortage of truckers. Carriers are losing money as trucks are idle. In accordance with the current laws, a migrant worker can obtain a patent to work in only one region. He is prohibited from transporting goods to other areas.

In Russia, the shortage of truckers is 160 thousand people, said the general director of the transport company Delko Sanjar Ashuraliev. According to him, migrants could cover it. On average, about 10% of trucks are idle in the country, as there is no influx of young personnel. The state is not making any efforts to increase the popularity of the profession of a freight forwarder.

The problem worsened in the fall of 2022, said the president of the association "Gruzavtotrans" Vladimir Matyagin. In his opinion, salaries do not allow attracting young employees to this area. Comparable income can be obtained in courier services without long-distance travel.