OREANDA-NEWS The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia has proposed to abandon the need to bring paper originals of documents when enrolling in a university from the 2024/2025 academic year, applicants will only need to have an electronic confirmation in state information systems or on "Public Services", according to the ministry's website. Earlier, the draft rules for admission to universities for the 2024/2025 academic year were published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

"In addition, applicants of budgetary and contract forms of education will not need to bring paper originals of documents to the university when enrolling — it is enough that they are electronically confirmed in state information systems or on "Public Services". This will facilitate admission to nonresident universities and reduce the physical load on universities," the report says.

The Ministry also noted that among the innovations proposed to be introduced by the new rules is an hourly update of the competition lists from the first day of submission of documents (if there are results of entrance tests).
In addition, as the ministry added, an applicant can apply to five universities for five different areas of training. Previously, those who applied for budget places could build their chosen specialties according to preference within one university, innovations will allow applicants to prioritize between universities, and a new online service will allow them to monitor their position in the ranking and indicate which university the applicant is potentially recommended for enrollment - the data will also be updated every hour.
"In turn, universities will be able to monitor the process of filling the competition groups. This will give them the opportunity to determine the current situation of the admission campaign and take measures to attract students," the ministry concluded.