OREANDA-NEWS. Facebook user data is available on other platforms and Amazon cloud storage. More than 540 million social network user records with comments, likes, account names have been made public, they were discovered on the Mexican digital platform Cultura Colectiva.

The data of another 22,000 Facebook users, including names, passwords, email addresses, were available in the already non - existing At the Pool application. UpGuard clarifies that he does not know how long they have been stored in the application, since the base was closed while the company was studying it. All of this data was in the Amazon cloud storage.

"The public still does not understand that system administrators and developers, people who should be the custodians of this data, are either risky, or lazy, or are cunning", - said Chris Vickery, director of risk research at UpGuard, who commented on the situation.

UpGuard notes that it sent a letter to Cultura Colectiva, At the Pool and Amazon at the beginning of the year, but Facebook contacted Amazon only on April 3. After that, the leak was fixed. Two other companies did not respond to the request.

Facebook has repeatedly encountered data leaks from its users. The company was also criticized for the fact that its security policy allowed users to intervene in elections. In March 2018, The Guardian and The New York Times in their publications accused Facebook of leaking data to 50 million users: Cambridge Analytica obtained it through a test on Facebook, and then used Donald Trump during the election campaign of US President. It later emerged that the leak could have affected more than 80 million Facebook users.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was attracted as a witness in a case of possible Russian interference in US elections in 2016.