10.04.2024, 10:26
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is convinced that Yerevan has not made mistakes in relations with Moscow.
10.04.2024, 05:19
The United States, Russia and China need to strengthen trust in order to avoid conflicts in space, Stephen Whiting, head of the Pentagon Space Command, told RIA Novosti.
10.04.2024, 05:12
If Moldova reacts to the declaration of independence of the Gagauz autonomy by sending troops, the authorities of the region will seek help from everyone, including Russia, the head of Gagauzia
10.04.2024, 05:06
The Netherlands will have to get used to the fact that they will have to pay a high price for their security, said Jeffrey van Leeuwen
09.04.2024, 11:06
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has put on the wanted list the ENTIRE Norwegian mercenary and former member of the Sami Parliament Sandra Eyra
09.04.2024, 10:57
The Technical Government has officially started work in Bulgaria. The ministers appointed by the decree of President Rumen Radev, headed by Dimitar Glavchev, took the oath of office in the country's parliament
09.04.2024, 10:30
China supports the convening of a conference on the Ukrainian issue with the participation of Russia and Ukraine and the equal participation of all parties, discussing all peace plans
09.04.2024, 10:08
The key lower house of the Japanese parliament has passed a bill to create a system of access to classified information related to economic security.
09.04.2024, 09:51
In Belarus, the sale of four types of tea bags produced in Russia has been banned. Kommersant writes about this with reference to the decree of the Deputy Minister of Health
05.04.2024, 17:35
The Norwegian government intends to increase defense spending by $56 billion (600 billion kronor) in the next 12 years, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gar Stere said.
05.04.2024, 16:39
In the third quarter of 2023, VK Group increased its stake in  LLC (developing the Tetrica educational platform) to 85.97% from 60.67%, according to the financial statements of the Internet holding.
05.04.2024, 15:35
The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, John Mushayawanu, announced the introduction of a new national currency in the country, which will be Zimbabwean gold (ZiG).
05.04.2024, 15:27
The ban imposed by Japan on the import of Russian non-industrial diamonds is demonstrative, since insignificant amounts of jewelry were sent to this country
05.04.2024, 14:57
President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree imposing sanctions on seven individuals, including citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Israel, and 86 Russian organizations.
05.04.2024, 00:08
The submitted documents for the rental of Guy Ritchie's film "The Ministry of Non-Gentlemanly Affairs" did not meet the requirements of the rules for issuing a rental certificate


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