OREANDA-NEWS   The Polish Institute of International Relations (PISM) calls on the European External Action Service to regularly publish reports on Russia's "espionage activities" on the territory of the member states of the European Union (EU). This is reported by RT with reference to the relevant report.

The document states that "despite the reduction in the number of intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover in 2022, Russia still has a huge potential for conducting espionage activities, including due to differences in the policies of EU member states." The authors of the report believe that some EU member states pursue a "favorable policy" towards Russia and "do not take public actions against its spies." They call on the European External Action Service to combine information on "relevant incidents and ongoing investigations, identify areas of interest of foreign intelligence services and losses suffered by the EU", and regularly publish reports on the work done.

According to political scientist Ivan Mezyuho, Warsaw is used to seeing the Russian trace where there is none. He noted that if Poland does not have relations with its neighbors, it immediately accuses them of working for Moscow. Anti-Russian statements and decisions are issued within the framework of the Russophobic policy chosen by Warsaw, he added.

Earlier, Polish President Andrzej Duda protested to the Russian world from Warsaw. According to him, his state was divided for 123 years, parts of Poland were "under tsarist rule," so now Warsaw understands perfectly well what is happening and is forced to defend itself.